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Keeping in touch

Postby milly » 15 Oct 2016, 22:25

Hi just to say I have not disappeared life has got in the way but now more time to get things moving again, have looked in from time to time will be more active in near future.
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Re: Keeping in touch

Postby Chris » 15 Oct 2016, 23:51

Don't worry Millie. I think message boards are now just for occasional use. A couple of years ago there would be several posts daily but now we go weeks without anything. I think Twitter and Facebook et al now fill the need for constant chatter and banter. Then those who want to write reams tend to have taken to blogging.
I've noticed it is the same with quite a few of the technical forums - the most recent post is possibly two months ago. Yet they still fulfil a purpose in that if you do need some advice then you can quickly get a response.
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Re: Keeping in touch

Postby Richard Coombs » 18 Nov 2016, 21:15

Hello Milly , Hello Chris.

Like Milly said , "Life" has been getting in the way a bit for me too these past few months.
So this is sort of 'Hello Again" after a bit of a break.

I have enjoyed some of the recent postings ( using 'recent' as in 'over the last five months or so ')

Particularly Miraikers links to her 'Putting Up a Booth " videos.
Love the Booths Miraiker , and also the simple straight forward guides to erecting them.

Just the sort of behind the scenes videos I really enjoy.

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