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Adult P&J Show

Postby Harvey » 20 Nov 2016, 00:02

I keep hearing about Adult versions of the Punch and Judy Show. (Ones with Adult Humor). I have been considering doing this. So does anyone have any advice or ideas on what to do etc. vv vv vv
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Re: Adult P&J Show

Postby Chris » 20 Nov 2016, 15:18

Don't even consider it Harvey.
Adult humour can mean many things, but generally is considered to be vulgar, sexually oriented jokes with offensive language. Certainly it is going to contain material that will offend some people. Now I don't think the job of any entertainer is to offend anyone. Also from a business point of view shows are hard enough to get without risking losing any by building up a reputation for being offensive.
Several hundred years ago Punch performed on the streets had a mixed audience with as many adults as children, and probably was crude and bawdy by today's standards. Today things are different and Punch & Judy is largely known as a suitable entertainment for children, and that's where the bulk of your work is going to be found, entertaining children. Do that well and, while not likely to make a fortune, you will always find some work.
But you can easily kill the goose that lays the golden egg, and one sure way is to get any publicity that suggests you include inappropriate material in your shows. You may think that you can keep your "adult" shows quite separate - but that simply doesn't work.
In the days when the Variety Theatre flourished there was a well established rule that when considering whether to include a certain joke or bit of business in the act and that rule was "If in doubt, cut it out". If there was any question that something, however clever or funny, had no place in a professional performance if there was a chance that it could offend people.
Additionally I might add that a well done Punch and Judy Show does entertain an Adult audience without having to include any humour that is specifically labelled "Adult". That is the joy of Punch, the traditional slapstick humour appeals to all ages.
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