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Slapstick Delivery

Postby Chris » 01 Dec 2018, 17:08

Hearty congratulations to James and Dan, previously responsble for the Facebook "punchandjudypage", on the birth of "Slapstick". If you haven't seen it then tap in to
Lots to interest everyone, even an obituary and a crossword. I enjoyed it all, especially Joe Burns upbeat "Beside the Seaside".
Anyway have a look-see and then drop a line of appreciation to
It's good to squawk!
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Re: Slapstick Delivery

Postby » 01 Dec 2018, 18:16

Congratulations James and Daniel! History is made today.
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Re: Slapstick Delivery

Postby Chris Richard » 04 Dec 2018, 02:38

This was a wonderful read. First class job all around!
Chris Richard,
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