BIG Thanks to "The Punch Booth"!

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BIG Thanks to "The Punch Booth"!

Postby Sarah Nolen » 14 Nov 2019, 00:37

Dear Punch Professors,

My name is Sarah, and I've been a member of this grand forum for almost two years now. I am a puppeteer in the US, and just wanted to extend my sincere thanks to all who write and contribute to this site.
You all are the best in the biz.

In preparation for my first Punch & Judy venture, I secretly read every post in this forum, and was happy to do so. You all are a wealth of experience, information, and jokes. I clicked through countless booth designs, puppet sculpts, and Professor names that lead me to videos. I ordered a stock of Punch and Judy books, including finding a copy of the Frame File by John Alexander. Through your site I was introduced to Miraiker Puppets and ordered a booth structure from them, with the request that I drape & paint my own art on the proscenium.

It took me about a year to write, design, build, and rehearse my P&J Show. But now, I've been performing "Judy Punches Back" for almost a year! I still have "Assistant Professor Nolen" on my booth, and feel like I can almost graduate to Professor. Maybe once I tackle the swazzle.

Here is a write-up that our Artistic Director wrote about my show, if anyone is interested in the process: ... bUjcvzRF2w
(Warning: My Judy & Punch show contains feminist agenda.)

Couldn't have done it without you folks. Thanks again.

All the best,

Assistant Professor Nolen
Sarah Nolen
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Re: BIG Thanks to "The Punch Booth"!

Postby Chris » 29 Dec 2019, 14:34

I was feeling quite flattered as I read your kind words, but then followed your link, and read this:
"As modern sensibilities have evolved, Punch and Judy has drawn criticism from those who find Mr. Punch’s violent behavior too extreme, especially for young audiences. Even artists who know and value the tradition find scenes where Mr. Punch hits Judy particularly unpleasant to watch or perform. For many, the show has become synonymous with misogyny, and its popularity has declined accordingly"
What a pity!, what a pity!

That may be your experience in your country. It is not so in Britain where Punch is increasing in popularity and largely resisting the corrosion of political correctness.

You really do need a trip to the UK, in May, and visit the May Fair, where you may catch the bug that reveals what Punch & Judy is really all about.
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