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Mini Mamouth

Postby Richard Coombs » 29 Aug 2007, 18:50

I will start a fesh page with this one , as Nick Jackson asked the question :

My 'min-'mamouth' booth as Chris called it is an aluminium lazy tongs booth that I have finished recently and been using for a couple of months .
I showed it to Chris when I visited the Harlequin yesterday.

'Mamouth' because it is the size of the booth I used at the wet May fayre this year ... That is to say the size of my old regualr booth plus the 15 inch 'conservatory' extension I added to the back just for Covent Garden ( to take all the extra novelty puppets I threw into the show that day)

The truth is my old booth was not terribly deep , and being a fat chap my belly touched the savante bag at the front and my bum was almost touching the back canvas ....adding the extra 15 inches still only brings the depth to 48 inches , which although bigger than many , is still not exactly gargantuan.

I liked how it felt at Cov Gnd to work with room to hang up more puppets , and a bit of extra room for manouver I decided that when I next built an aluminium frame it would be to those dimensions.

And 'Mini' because for a booth of its size, it actually does pack down fairly small and compactly , with not overly many parts .

Much more compact than my orriginal , smaller booth does ( the one I am always getting ribbed about , because there are so many bits)

Despite its size , this new one is suprisingly robust , thanks to a few cunning and simple cross-braces.

It also has no wing nuts whatsoever.

It is something of an odditty too , as it has an extra upright in the centre of the left and right sides ... so that the 48 inch depth is split into two 24 inch lazy tongs sections.

I think this is the booth I will bring and use at Covent Garden on Sunday 30th Sept. So if you are there you can pop your head in the back and have a look ( only 50p a peek !)

Best Wishes Richard
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Richard Coombs
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Postby Nick Jackson » 29 Aug 2007, 21:28

Sounds fascinating, Richard. Perhaps we'll see it in the next edition of John Alexander's Frame File.
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Nick Jackson
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Postby James » 29 Aug 2007, 23:23

Hope you'll be donating those 50p's to the PJF Richard. Every little helps...
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