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Postby Nick Jackson » 01 Sep 2007, 19:01

Oh dear. An awful lot of apologies are in order. To Chris, to Mark and to the PJF in general. I had not meant to cause quite so much of a furore.

Chris wrote:Don't you think it rather bad form to revive the topic I have just locked, and in a totally inappropriate thread.

Yes, Chris, I accept it is. I admit I jumped on Billy's comment but only because the debate had moved onto swazzlers v non swazzlers rather than who can and can't apply for full membership of the PJF. It was because I've been silenced on this one so often in the past – not, I hasten to add, on this website.

Chris wrote:the PJF… do give guidance on the criteria used for assessment

Really caught out here – I ought to have checked. I was also unaware that the audition methods have changed and one no longer need perform live at various festivals.

Chris wrote:…isn't the difficulty for a swazzler to gain full membership pretty imaginary? Do you know of anyone with but a modicum of competence failing?

Again, things appear to have changed a little in recent years,

Chris wrote:I do wonder whether a fellowship is the place for an attitude of "sod the lot of them".

That was, I must admit, uncalled for. And I really do wish the PFJ well – I have no reason not to.

I suspect I was in a foul mood with myself and should not have taken it out on other people and certainly not in a public arena. All the ranting and wishing in the world won't change anything and sometimes we must play the cards we are dealt.

Please remember that those of us who don't quite come up to scratch in our work with Mr Punch don't care for him any less. I just pray we don't do him any great harm.

Again, apologies to all.
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Postby Chris » 01 Sep 2007, 19:54

Very gracious Nick. Accepted with thanks.
Now let's put the matter to bed until it rears its head again.
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