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Just a very quick point or two

Postby lesclarke » 01 Sep 2007, 20:42

A mention recently in a now locked topic mentioned my outfit's working name of Properpunch. Just thought I'd mention that it was chosen primarily as a catchy name and in no way promises that a 'proper' in terms of fully traditional Punch & Judy performance will ever be delivered other than that the characters will belt each other with slapsticks, oh yes and it will of course be swazzled. Obviously it also has a 'proper' attitude.

And not that correct spelling is that important, but neither 'proper' nor
'Properpunch' have a double 'p' in the middle.
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Postby billywand » 01 Sep 2007, 21:20

When I mentioned a "proper" punch show, I meant a Punch show from someone whose show more reflects the checkered history of Punch, and has the character and style of a showman rather than, as my show has, the style and character of a kids entertainer.

My show has this style, 'cos that's what I am

I mentioned your name, as the look and style of your web site, and the pictures of your fit up, and figures seems to me to indicate that you approach Punch in a style that is perhaps more authentic to the way I have approached Punch.

I would love to see your show, and more shows of this style to broaden my view of Punch, which can only do me and my show good.
Kind regards
Billy Wand

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Postby johnstoate » 01 Sep 2007, 23:46

Having seen Les' show Billy, I can definitely state that it lives up to it's proscenium!! - Well worth watching.
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Postby James » 01 Sep 2007, 23:55

Did he show you his box of dancing ferrets though John. Or were Richard and I special?!
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Postby Peter » 02 Sep 2007, 08:42

Didn't your mum & dad always tell you that you were 'special' James?
Did I ever tell you about piece work?
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