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Postby Richard Coombs » 13 Sep 2007, 09:40

Thanks Chris ..the link to my 'Many Adventures' :) Gallery now works splendidly . Hope it wasnt too much of a faff tto fix.

Thought I would start a fresh page for folk to note other 'fixes' on ( as the current conversation got tagged onto the end of an already crowded topic.

NOT that this means youhave to run around at everyones beck and call mending links ...you do them as and when you have time ( and feel like it) ..you are a very busy man : my recent trip to the Harlequin certainly highlighted that :-)

But one small mend I have noticed .. now that I can open that Gallery , I notice that picture 5 says " Richard Drumming up a Crowd"...it is in fact Rod Burnet ( whos wonderful Band Routine was the inspiration for me building my Band ) Image

My Band buissiness isnt as 'slick' as Rods : whos musical timing is second to none. Not being able to come anywhere near that approach , I trieed a different route , and engineered a trick puppet , so that I can have a 3 peice band on stage at one , all mooving and swaying and playing thier istruments ( one of the pics in that same gallery shows this)

Coulnt resist putting the pics on the message ...the UPLOAD facility is such a doddle to use now ! ( If a ludite like me can do it anyone can )Cheers Chris

Best Wishes Richard
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Postby Professor Eek » 13 Sep 2007, 10:04

I've seen your band routine Richard and think it's brilliant.

Mark Poulton does a good harmonica piece but I can't remember whether it's with his dog, a monkey (does Mark use a monkey?) or with Joey.
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Professor Eek
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Postby johnstoate » 13 Sep 2007, 10:29

Aha!! - As a luddite meself I just put me sledgehammer down and-Presto! it works. - The server mentioned before was some sort of red indian uprising btb, Sioux or Apache, - Anyroad it's sorted now!! - Thanks, Chris.
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Postby Chris » 13 Sep 2007, 12:20

Glad you are Ok John, but nothing to do with me. If it was a problem on my server it would have given an error report of "page not found". If your error was "server not found" as you reported then it meant that for some reason you had lost your connection with the website. Something on your computer, or with your Internet Provider.
Anyway as all seems well now you can enjoy Richard's Aberystwyth pics only 13 months late!
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