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Last day on the beach

Postby Peter » 20 Sep 2007, 07:57

We worked the beach for the last time this season on Tuesday.
A Stevenage school were coming to Clacton for their school trip and had booked us to perform on the beach to make their trip complete.

We built up on our pitch to an audience of 3 seagulls and a few passing pensioners out for a morning stroll.
The sun shone, the beach had been washed by a high tide -- the perfect setting.

As we sat with a coffee, a chuckling passer-by called out
"When are you expecting the crowds then?"

His face was a real treat, when along the prom, out of nowhere, came a crocodile of 120 children excitedly heading for the Punch & Judy show.

I looked up and said "Any time now, I think"

A lovely way to end the beach season.
Did I ever tell you about piece work?
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Postby Richard Coombs » 20 Sep 2007, 08:52

Aaah lovely , what a nice way to end the Season.

Nice too for the school to see the show outdoors , rather than imported into thier Hall ( altho I really love those gigs ...they are such good Fun )

Best Wishes Richard
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Richard Coombs
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Postby Trev » 20 Sep 2007, 09:29

Yes, it sounds wonderful. I can imagine seeing that kind of scene in the final moments of a film.
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