Maybe I'm repeating myself...

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Maybe I'm repeating myself...

Postby Chris » 21 Oct 2007, 15:25

<blockquote>When we were discussing The Grand Turk I mentioned a Punch version and someone - Nick I think - asked for a picture. I know I took the picture, but can't remember whether I showed it of not. So here we go (again perhaps) ...<br><br>
<a href="../images/punchgrandturk2.jpg"><img src="../images/punchgrandturk1.jpg" border="0" align="left" hspace="10"></a><font face="arial" size="+2"><br><br><center>Although we made him for a 1963 production he is still unfinished, requiring trimming and decoration to his red velvet costume. I'll get round to it one of these days.</center></font>
<br clear="left"> .....................CLICK TO SEE TRANSFORMATION</blockquote>
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