Uploading Pictures really is easy.

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Uploading Pictures really is easy.

Postby Chris » 08 Nov 2007, 11:15

<blockquote>Some of you have already discovered that it is very easy to post a picture to the message board, and this also gives you free web storage of your pictures and gives you a means of sending them to your friends around the world without using over-large email attachments. You are allowed up to four megabytes for each picture, which is huge. The one I will upload as a demo is much less than one megabyte.

My pantomime season at the Harlequin starts Boxing Day, and this year I will be presenting Aladdin.

All You need is a picture somewhere on your computer and you just click the words "Add image to post" which is at the bottom left of the screen where you type in your message. It's dead easy.</blockquote>
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