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May Aproaches

Postby Richard Coombs » 06 Mar 2008, 16:13

Only a matter of weeks now until the Covnet Garden May Fayre ..Sunday May 11th , for anyone that hadnt heard the date.

I wasnt sure if Id be performing , or just spectating and Bottling this year ...but I have just had the descision made for me ...and it is that I wont be there at all this year.

A very dear friend is getting married on the Saturday , and the 'Do' is a good way from London , and I plan to have plenty of booze and kick my heels up , and stay over in my new van with sleeper bunk on the large driveway of the country house where the Party is being held.

So this year I am giving St Pauls a miss ........The wedding is very special , my friend is my age , and he hasnt been married beofre, his wife-to-be is likewise a lovely , dear friend , and I wouldnt miss it for the World.
The Mayfayre ( long may it last ) should be there next year , and the year after etc.

So here is wishing all of you that are going , better weather than last year ...which wont be hard!

Best Wishes Richard.
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