Harlequin and the Slapstick

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Harlequin and the Slapstick

Postby Chris » 24 Apr 2008, 21:41

<blockquote>The slapstick is not the exclusive property of Mr. Punch - it was known before he began to wield it.

It may be that my theatre's namesake, Harlequin, was the origin.

The "Batocio" is known for being Harlequin's short wooden club. The batocio in Harlequin's hands becomes a stage prop, something that could be used in different ways, from mixing up the polenta, as a knife or a spoon, or sometimes the batocio became a sword or a bat, for hitting other characters.

The stage batocio was made of two strips of wood, and used as a slap stick, a special effects prop able to emphasise and exaggerate the blows delivered, for theatrical effect.</blockquote>

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