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Postby Richard Coombs » 25 Apr 2008, 17:09

Chris mentioned me 'coming out of Hibernation' in a recent thread , as I hadnt posted anything here is such a long time.

LOL ..It certainly feels that way.

I have been working far too hard over the Winter at the closest thing Ive ever had to a 'desk job' ...doing some Computor Animating using puppettering hand controls , more normally used for animatronic puppets and creatures . These were linked to the computors , making it more of a 'puppeteering' job than a 'computor animators' job.

( And before anyone aks , NO it wasnt 'HeadCases' ..it was a Childrens series )

But there were 26 half hour episodes ..so there has been lots of animation to wade through .It has been long hours of sitting at a computor screen, I wont complain as it has kept the bills paid since October.

But it has kept me away from home , and my workshop over the Winter ...and so unable to build all the new puppets I had promised myself , and do refurbishments to some of my current ones.

Consequently I have been experienceing Punch and Judy withdrawal symptoms.

But to counter this I plumped for some 'Retail Therapy' and have just treated myself to a Mipro 707 system ( ahhhh back to Topic at last I hear you cry ! )

All I can say is , it is a thing of beauty and a joy.

All my booths have Adestra amps , same as LesClarkes, and two horn speakers.
And as they are 'built in' so to speak I will keep them onbaord as 'belt and braces' if theres ever a problem with the Mipro , or if that system suits the location /venue better ...but boy oh boy the Mipro is good !

I didnt opt for the built in CD or tape player in the back of the unit ..as I like to control my music from inside the booth ( and although I hadnt thought about it this way , as Chris points out elswhere on this site , running such a music player as part of the device is an extra drain on the batteries )

I went for the two UHF radio recievers ( mulitichannel) and then two 'body-pack' senders ( the sort of unit that clips on your belt or goes in a pocket ...one to take a tie clip microphone , and the other to connect to an MP3 player via a jack -lead ( supplied by mipro , and more normally used to connect an electric Guitar to the body pack)

RESULT : wireless speech and music to the Mipro speaker Unit outside the booth

The Unit ran yesterday for over 9 hours continuously playing my pre show music in the Hallway downstairs , while the MP3 and bodypack 'Sender' were with me upstairs in my office , quite a distance and two brick walls away from the unit ( so no worries about it transmitting through canvass , or even a wooden booth)

Even the 9v battery in the 'bodypack' only needed changing after 5 hours .... by the end I was sick of hearing my pre-show music going round and round , but it was good to test everything and find that the unit works that long on its internal batteries ( good job Im detatched , or I would have driven the neighbours bonkers too )

It may well have run for longer , but I aborted the test to go to bed :-)

Doubtless I wont be getting as long out of the batteries after a few seasons use ...but these things happen , and spares are easy to get.

I cant wait to try it out , and have a suitable venue next Saturday.

It was expensive , but a good investment .

I heard Mark Andrews show with the same unit last Year ... Music really does so much better than out of horn speakers , and vocals are nice and clear , with a rich warm tone too.

Carl Durbin also swears by Mipro , although I havnt seen his show using his 505 system ..when he comes to Covent Garden he uses his 12v amp and horn speakers ( as will I for some venues )

Nice to have the option of plenty of power and volume when you need it though.

( Oooh there's nothing more annoying than a Kid with a new 'Toy' eh !)

All the Best Richard
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