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Postby Chris » 16 May 2008, 18:38

<blockquote>Earlier today I heard the sad news that Slovakian puppeteer Anton Anderle had died quite suddenly. Several people telephoned and emailed, knowing that I greatly liked and admired Anton.

I worked with him in 1999 at the International Puppet Festival, Ireland, shared an hotel with him and talked non-stop-puppets over breakfast each morning. I saw his show at the Lambert Puppet Theatre and was excited. Anton handled marionettes in what I have called a Punch and Judy style. There was little subtlety in his movements, his manipulation was bold and direct and full of life and vigour. I loved it.

Some of his puppets were over 200 years old, beautifully carved pieces from his father and grandfather's time. Anton was unable to use them during the communist era, there being no place for the virtuoso performer in that time of the arts collectives. Anton wasted those years in an office. But since the fall of the Iron Curtain Anton forged a new career as a solo puppeteer continually in demand on the international festival circuit.

He has died far too young.

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Postby Michael » 17 May 2008, 00:23

I met Anton on several occasions during his visits to the UK for the Dynamics festivals. His show was one of the most rustic folk style puppet marionette performances you could ever see, Chris is right when he describes it as being in the style of Punch and Judy. It was pure entertainment. He loved his marionettes and knew how to operate them, something that had been passed down from generation to generation. Despite the history and the affection he had for his marionettes he wasn't precious about them and ensured the audience got a passionate performance every time.

He was a true gentleman and despite several shows in one day he still took the time to chat, via his daughter. He was fascinated with marionettes and had a fabulous collection. He was also very generous and sent me DVD's of many of his performances together with fantastic photographs of all of his puppets in his collection. I never forget the one DVD he sent me was a performance in his homeland Slovakia, it was in a cobbled square and was obviously a summers evening as throughout his show the natural light gradually dimmed that by the time the show had finished the area was in complete darkness except for his glowing stage. A truly magical sight.

Another great puppeteer has gone too soon, a loss to his family and the puppetry world. My sympathies to all who knew him.



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Postby Robanti » 19 May 2008, 12:42

I too worked with him on several occations in various locations, he was a very nice man.
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