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Postby Chris » 01 Jun 2008, 20:13

<blockquote>I am delighted to announce that Professor Andrew Clarkson, assisted by his wife Beth, gave birth to Freddie Michael Clarkson last night.
I am sure you will all join me in sending congratulations and best wishes to the happy triple.<br><br>
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This is not Freddie Michael Clarkson</center>
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Postby geoff.london » 02 Jun 2008, 12:51

Congratulations Andrew and to your wife Beth. I hope to see you all sometime. Geoff.
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Postby Professor Eek » 02 Jun 2008, 17:43

Congratulations to all of you

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Postby Andrew Clarkson » 09 Jun 2008, 12:34

Many thanks for you kind wishes. Both Beth and Freddie are doing very well. I can guarantee that my 'voice' for the baby crying will be remarkably improved by my next show!

King regards

Andrew and Co.
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