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Ready for take-off

Postby Chris » 19 Jul 2008, 22:37

<blockquote><img src="images/windyani.gif" width="200" align="right" hspace="5">Today I was on an airfield, completely flat and open for miles, and it was windy. The booth was very difficult to erect since it was blowing over even before I attempted to put the cover on. I always peg it down before putting the cover on but here the wind was so strong that I had to spike the legs of the lower half before I could put the top on.

Even with legs spiked and tied, two guy ropes at each corner, and bungees linking top and bottom the fit-up still spent the day trying to get airborn.

I work hands in front of face, and the wind was so strong that the backcloth was moulding to the contours of my face. I normally have the microphone hanging just behind the backcloth. After having a heavy Sure metal microphone blown into my face a couple of times I had to have a rethink. I didn't fancy losing teeth or having a broken nose.</blockquote>
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