Punch Booth, It’s is a Joy!

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Punch Booth, It’s is a Joy!

Postby CharlesTaylor » 30 Aug 2008, 22:57

I must admit that I know little of the piers of the realm and so find that discussion interesting in not only how it may effect the busking of Punch at the seaside in Great Britain but more interesting to me is how we all need to communicate at some length before we can come to any consensus, that is if consensus is possible.

I for one enjoy learning of the differences of opinions. Though far away and less invested in the different points of view regarding the piers of the realm. And contrary to a few opinions that have been expressed, I find the printed word an advantage over face to face.

Now, I recognize that everyone on this board is quite accomplished and confident in their ideas which can lead to bruised egos. I must admit, I have had my moments. But I can assure you that when I am face to face with my brothers, we have a tendency to push each other’s buttons and the emotions keep rising until they boil over. Perhaps it’s is that familiarity breeds contempt. No one is more familiar than immediate family. And one day, should I have the privilege of meeting anyone on Punch Booth, I should not think I would allow familiarity to breed contempt.

The printed word on the other hand has one advantage to me. I can think about what I write and TRY to be less emotional. My brothers and I get along extremely well through e-mail. I have learned to appreciate them a lot more with hundreds of miles between us. We have gotten to know each better and our mutual respect has grown.

That is how I feel about all the participants on Punch Booth. I am getting to know you, respect you and enjoy the way everyone is able to express themselves. It is a real pleasure to be able to participate.

Thank you all for enriching my life!

Charles, Tinker Taylor
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