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Clacton Beach Request

Postby David Wilde » 03 Sep 2008, 20:10

It was with sadness,that I received a letter from the head of Clacton council Mr M Tyson,asking if I would take over the Clacton on Sea pitch,from my OLD pal Peter Battey,due it seems to a forced early retirement from beach work!
How sad not to see his award winning show on the beach any more.

As Im too busy poking myself in the eye to go to Clacton, I suggest you contact Peter Battey direct as he is also prepared apparently to chuck a booth in as well, for a peppercorn rent!

Some young whipper snapper, should clearly take up this once in a life time opportunity (you will never look back!)

Good on you Peter for trying to pass some of the work load onto the next generation!

Im above all this!!
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