The Great Carmo - Colossus of Mystery

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The Great Carmo - Colossus of Mystery

Postby Chris » 13 Nov 2008, 19:43

<blockquote><img src="" align="right">I had an early Christmas present a week or so ago, a pre-release proof copy of a new book from Arcady Press (that's Punchman John Alexander and Magician Patrick Page). The Great Carmo, the Colossus of Mystery is a biography of a brilliant showman magician researched and written by the late Val Andrews. It's fascinating stuff, especially for anyone who has an interest in magic, variety theatres and circus.

The story will be a surprise to many who think they know their magical history, but only associate Carmo with the Carmo Bead Mystery. He should be right up there with the illusionist greats.

The book is just launched, and copies can be purchased from John's website at £12 which includes postage and packing. The book is illustrated with photographs, posters and publicity cuts of the time. </blockquote>

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