Anyone studying Political Psychology? In Polish?

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Anyone studying Political Psychology? In Polish?

Postby Chris » 25 Nov 2008, 13:47

Yesterday the postman came rattling at the theatre doors. The package he brought was clearly a book, but rather large. I was intrigued since the only books I was expecting were paper backs.

Then I saw the postage stamps - Polish! I certainly hadn't ordered anything from Poland.

Now my knowledge of the Polish Language is slightly less than my Arabic, of which I know perhaps six words, but even so I quickly gathered that this was a learned tome of Political Psychology. Now this would not be my first choice for bedtime reading whether in Polish or not.

I then noticed the front cover illustration and I vaguely remembered, a year or more ago, someone had contacted me and asked my permission to use a photograph of my Puppet working a puppet for some academic publication. I had agreed, only asking that the Harlequin Puppet Theatre be credited.<br>
<center><img src="images/polishbook.gif"><br>
<img src="images/polishbook2.gif">
Anyone with a Polish friend studying Political science please get them to contact me.
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