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Postby Chris » 04 Apr 2009, 12:11

On this website is a county by county directory of all the Punch and Judy professors in Britain who have bothered to entered their details.

This directory is where anyone enquiring direct to is referred it and comes up in many Google searches. It is also used by most of the children's entertainer booking agents.

It is a valuable service and I provide it at my expense. Unfortunately free things are not always valued. I say this because quite a large number of people haven't bothered to keep their information up to date. We have website addresses that don't work and similarly email addresses that bounce back. I haven't checked the telephone numbers.

I built in the facility for you not only to enter your own information in up to 5 different areas, but also to edit that information. So please, if you have changed your website or email address, or entered them incorrectly in the first place, please check your entry now. If it doesn't work then change it.

One tip - correct URLs (website addresses) all start http://www. and not www. and your link will not work without the full address.

Please do co-operate in this, not only for your own sake but for the rest of us. If an agent finds a number of sloppy non working entries he is going to be less inclined to refer to the directory again.
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