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Not Punch but Passwords

Postby Chris » 05 Jul 2009, 21:24

This is nothing to do with Punch, but should be of interest to anyone who uses the internet frequently.

One of the websites I maintained was infiltrated by a virus and was changed from a website advertising children's entertainment to one advertising dodgy pharmacological supplies. I suspected that I might have a virus on the computer from which I upload to the web, but a full scan showed I was clean. It would appear that the way entry was achieved was via a weak password.

A weak password is one that is easily cracked by a computer program. The weakest ones are recognizable words.

As we choose passwords for all sorts of things on the web it might be of use to you to know what are the strongest (least likely to be broken) passwords.
These should be at least 6 characters in length. The characters should be mixture of letters AND numerals AND non-alphanumeric characters (*+=?"! etc)

An acquaintance of mine who works for one of the big internet providers tells me that weak passwords are being increasingly frequently used to gain access to websites and people's data.

There are still people who always use the same password for everything, and use a short easily guessed word to boot. Better be safe than sorry?
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