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Postby CvdC » 21 Nov 2010, 10:12

Often on this board people have suggested they could use the kazoo as a replacement for the swazzle.
The following video I think represents as much as you can expect from a kazoo in regard to puppetry:

Although useful a swazzle it is not.
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Re: kazoo

Postby Chris » 21 Nov 2010, 12:44

This delicious bit of puppetry was one of the first puppet clips I ever saw on youtube, several years ago. But this is longer I think, and certainly better quality than the earlier video. Lovely.

I mentioned some three years ago that I had seen a French girl perform a Spanish Punch show at Skipton International Festival and that she had with her a musician who pointed the action most effectively with various sound effects - bells and whistles etc. This is the same girl you posted a video of presenting Don Cristobal on the horse. When I saw her she was using glove puppets.

Similarly the great Anton Anderle admitted that his manipulation was much enhanced by having a live accompanist who could play to the puppets.

One can imagine, in the old days, when the showman-bottler was an integral part of the Punch show, that the pipe and drums were employed far more usefully than just as a prelude heralding the performance.

Punch Profs Martin Bridle and Rod Burnett use a mouth organ very effectively in their Punch shows, and Martin also uses his musical wife to great effect in his non-Punch Piggery Jokery.

Yes I agree, the kazoo is not substitute for the swazzle. Although the number who have tried using a kazoo mounted on a harmonica halter must be considerable. It is astonishing the lengths people will go to in order to avoid practicing.
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Re: kazoo

Postby BilBug » 22 Nov 2010, 00:19

I agree, the use of a swazzle is integral to a Punch show. Not only for historic purposes, but aesthetically, too, the voice is just quite different than anything else.

I have seen/heard all sorts of other attempts but none really work.

On the issue of bottlers. Though drum and trumpet seem the most referenced, looking at contemporary 18th cent. drawings, fiddles and other sorts of wind instruments seem present, too. I personally use, when at an historic event, whatever appropriate instrument I can snag. I've even used dulcimers and bagpipes, both regular bagpipes and Uillean, to good effect.
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