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Postby lesclarke » 04 Jan 2007, 16:48

A bit of discipline when packing the puppets and props away will save time later when they are next needed and developing a 'routine' of what goes in first etc is also useful as if there is an established order it's easier to spot that one character has gone astray, and avoids unpacking thinking 'I don't remember seeing the monkey'

As for protection, heads folded into costumes go a long way to protect faces, but in these days of ever cheaper clothes we discard things regularly and I find the sleeves of fleece jackets make really good puppet bags.

They come in pairs of course, so help in establishing an order and connection between puppets. With mine, Judy and the Croc go into green arms, as the Croc is green and my Judy's dress is also green, they are also what frightens my Punch. My two policemen go into the blue sleeves, and the Devil and Clown in the grey sleeves as they both evil.

My final bit of the packing ritual , I'm sure many will also do, is once the last thing is in the car, is to return to the pitch and say to myself as I look at the ground , 'Right what have I left behind?'
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Postby Tony James » 04 Jan 2007, 23:20

Oh yes Les. Couple of years ago, down in Kent, December. Cold and dark and damp. On Grass. I did the final look around, I suppose it was half five or thereabouts, nothing so off the ground and down to the farm for the night.

I knew they would be out but I had keys - I couldn't find them. It's astronishing how long it takes checking pockets, key places in the car and finally going through the bag in case the keys had fallen in with the figures before the penny finally drops. They're lost. Far too far to go back. And anyway, security would have locked up.

I can tell you, I wasn't the most popular person at breakfast nexst morning. Drove back to ground and first job is to look carefully all around. Nothing. so I built up and had just finished when one of the security staff came over with the keys. They had been on the grass, within the frame.

So now I check with the lantern during the winter.

As for bags, you're absolutely right. Many years ago I bought a lot of quilted, padded material with a waterproof outer and cotton inner and made my own. Terribly easy.

It's amazing when the figures are really wet -Punch, Joey, Judy less so and the rest a bit damp rather than wet through - how much moisture the cotton inner lining absorbs.

I take them out and hang the figures and drape the bags inside out on radiators. At home it's easy. Away, you do the best you can.

But I can't think of anything much less pleasent than putting your hand up a wet puppet first thing on a grey, miserable winter morning.
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