Buying Stripey Booth Canvas

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Buying Stripey Booth Canvas

Postby Richard Coombs » 10 Apr 2012, 11:26

Hello Fellow Makers.

Just to let you know that as of today ( 10th April 2012 ) Prima Awnings have the Red and White 'block-stripe' Canvas back in stock.

Leaving aside all the usual discussions about it not being 100% necessary to use red and white , if that is the fabric of choice for you, then Prima again have some in their warehouse.

I only mention this because I have been trying to order some from them for well over nine weeks now...and from what Janet let slip , they had not had any for a while before that also.
They now have several rolls in ( each of 60 metres ).

Being mindful of the recent panic buying of Petrol started by our beloved government telling us to 'Fill our Tanks' ...I don't wish to start a similar rush for the old red and white.

Janet would not be drawn on why it had taken so very long to get stock , or if future supplies were in jeopardy ..but she seemed a bit coy on the subject. which left me wondering if the Factory in europe that makes the stuff for them is in financial trouble ( and in the current climate it is a distinct possibility )

Prima Awnings are still the very cheapest way to buy Punch and Judy Canvas ..the cost from them is pretty much half of what anywhere else is quoting for the exact same fabric.

So if you were thinking of either building a new booth in the next year or so , or of re-covering your existing one ...then now might be the time to purchase the cloth and stash it away in the attic or under the stairs until you need it ---- you may find you cannot get hold of it at the last minute when you need it.


A footnote to ordering from Prima Awnings -
They are the cheapest for both fabric and delivery ..but they have changed the haulage company they use for delivering the canvas to you - "Tufnalls" which is the Company they use , don't like to deliver to Domestic properties , and charge a £30 loading on top of the regular delivery cost to do so.

This is a bit of an embarrassment to Prima , who are unable to change this .

I have friends nearby who run a shop and they are going to take in my consignment there for me.
If you are able to do the same you will benefit from the best all-round price for fabric / delivery combined.

If you pay the surcharge , you are still ( just) getting a better deal than getting canvass anywhere else ( assuming you are buying enough to cover one booth -- if you are getting for two or more booths then you are still quids in even with the surcharge ).

I will Post this into the relevant 'Punchmans tips / "where to Buy" sections of this website also.

Happy Stitching ! Richard Coombs
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Richard Coombs
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Re: Buying Stripey Booth Canvas

Postby Benjie » 21 Aug 2012, 19:16

IHi Richard, is this Prima Awnings of Eastbourne? I hope so as they are nice and local to me!
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Re: Buying Stripey Booth Canvas

Postby Professor Eek » 22 Aug 2012, 10:07

They were very nice and fitted the canvas to my booth a while back - very very nice people
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