"....and a Partridge in a LIME Tree "

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Re: "....and a Partridge in a LIME Tree "

Postby CvdC » 17 Jan 2013, 22:24

And wouldnt that need a rather complicated costume.
Who would be crazy enough to go to all that trouble ???

So that question has been answered. But what role will she play in Punch's tragical comedy? Another queen in your regal retinue? Will you be making a scaramouch with ahead that can be off?

I guess a puppet has three aspects, as a performer in the show, and as a work of art to hold and admire the carftsmanship of. Carving these wonderful puppets from real wood will definitely make them more interesting as creations, both to make and admire.
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Re: "....and a Partridge in a LIME Tree "

Postby Richard Coombs » 17 Jan 2013, 22:48

Well yes CvdC I did indeed set myself up there , in the hope of soliciting a few more guesses ...but Proff Joe had scored a bullseye so thought it best to come clean .

It has been said to me ( off the board ) that it was a surprise she had not been carved with a bellowing mouth.

I did think about carving her with an open shouting mouth.

But then before I started cutting into the wood I had to decide exactly what I was going to do with her in the show.
CvdC saw the Mayfayre show , so knows that last Summers offering was indeed a parade of "The Wrong Queen" until the right one ( Elizabeth the second) popped up on her Jubilee tour of the country to wish Mr Punch an happy 350th .

So this Summer , early in the show Joey will say to Punch something like : "We are not going to have another show like last year with all the wrong Queens turning up are we Mr Punch ?" - Punch saying "I hope not etc" ...then of course up she comes.

But there will be a certain amount of 'banter'-
Queen : "How nice be here amid the common folk and smelly children '
Punch : "Hello Your Majesty , How do you do" .
Queen : "Do you play Croquet ? ..No ? What a pity" ..
Punch :"What a pity What a Pity"
Queen :" Are you making fun of me Mr Punch? ..Is he Children ? "

So for all that bit I didnt want her to have that total angry look .

But when she does bellow "Off With his Head " I shall flounce her right around so that the pointing finger aims right at Punches Head ( remembering my Punch is on the Left hand) ...This should not only be a nice movement , but will also create a tableau to really show off the back of the Costume ...which is rather splendid , and fully show off her crinolin and the fact that she has a waist and shape.

Also design wise she is a mix up of ( A) the Tenniel drawing costume wise ( although when you see a colour plate , he has made her dress red not white )
(B) an actual playing card design
(C) a nod to the 'facials' of Helena 'Bottom' Carter version from the recent film - as sadly I suspect folk are now more familiar with that now rather than any other version ..even dare I say the Disney depiction.

So yes , she is not your 'typical' image . But I like her none the less for that .

So that is kind of what the plan is for her ...oh and getting a good dose of Punchs slapstick to see her off, of course .
Well that's the plan right now ...I wont know 100% until I get into my summer wooden booth and rehearse things. I put it up in the garden and do that every year , because as good as it is to plan ahead ...only practising in situ ever really sorts it all out.

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