Confessions of a Camera Compulsive

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Confessions of a Camera Compulsive

Postby Richard Coombs » 13 Mar 2013, 22:15

Hello Fellow Board -Viewers

I am announcing this across all three strands of this Message board to make a resolution as publicly as possible:

From now on , I shall not be Posting any more in-depth "Making Of" sets of pictures on this Board.

I love taking pictures and documenting the making process is a good reminder later ( sometimes years later ) of how things were done 'aide memoire' for the next time ...and also a bit of a compulsion.

But there really is no reason to inflict it in such depth to everyone here .
When I stepped back and realised I had photodocumented my whole Sundays sewing efforts hour by hour ...I thought 'Enough is Enough'

True , it was a somewhat tongue in cheek set of postings ..I knew it was going to be a full day , and a very repetitive task - 17 fiddly aplice panels and about 25 bobbins worth of sewing !
I'd wanted to see how far I could push myself in a day.

But then looking at it all in the cold harsh Monday daylight ..I realised there was a better place to put all those pics ....( feel free to insert your own Punch line here ...ooh Matron !)

So I took a leaf out of Les Clarkes book , and got a Flickr account that same day.

I am surprised how easy and fast it is to publish stuff on there direct from my iPhoto album ( much faster even than loading pictures on here).
What Id thought would be an awkward task is proving very easy.

SO ...from now on I will post only the occasional photo -but only once a Prop / Proscenium / Booth or Puppet is actually Completely Finished.
With each will be a link to my Flickr page for anyone wishing to look at the ( doubtless ) dozens of 'work in progress' shots of that finished item.

That way , only those of you with such an interest in the minute mechanics of things need have a look.

And I know there are some folk out there , who , like me , absolutely love all that stuff.

But the rest of you can now relax , knowing that in Future you are to be spared it all.

My profound hope is that if I stop clogging up the internet airwaves with my photos and chatter ...some others out there might just step up to the mark and put some of their builds on here to fill the yawning void.

Chris has already said that he worries that CvdCs postings and mine are frightening off the 'just starting out' brigade from showing what they can do .
I certainly dont want to deter Cvdc ( I have So enjoyed watching him build a booth on the other side of the World in blistering heat while we all shiver here)

But for myself , I am stepping aside and turning the spotlight elsewhere ...please if you are in the wings nervously waiting to come -on ...then step out now .

I relish the chance to see what newcommers are up to ...and also what Geoff Felix , Les Clarke and Mark Poulton and Miraiker et all are doing ( all those have been a bit quiet on here of late )

So for now , heres the link , and Best Wishes to All !

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