Toby Dogs ...a small litter

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Toby Dogs ...a small litter

Postby Richard Coombs » 28 Jun 2018, 22:21

Earlier this month it was my great pleasure to have Joe Burns come and stay with me for three days.
Joe had expressed a wish to make a Toby Dog to use in his upcoming Summer beach season at Swanage.

Joe knew that I have built as many' muppet-type' hand puppets as Punch figures and asked me a month or so ago how to go about building one.

Well I had already been harbouring the notion to finally get around to making myself a Toby Dog.
So the plan just came together out of good timing.

We would build out dogs together.

The results I have to say are really nice.
Here they are 'almost' finished ( I left a bit of mine un-done while Joe was here as we both knew we were tight for time having only 3 days , and the most important thing was getting Joes one ready for him to take home )


I did spend another day adding back legs to my dog after Joe had returned to Worthing.

A full gallery of the build process is in my Flickr: ... 0146200198
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Re: Toby Dogs ...a small litter

Postby Nick Jackson » 01 Jul 2018, 18:54

Good to see regular snacks form a part of the process! :D
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