What is WHITING?

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What is WHITING?

Postby lesclarke » 29 Jul 2007, 16:00

On a previous post on papier mache Chris, you mention mixing it with Whiting when using the pulp tpype of method. What actually is it, and is it still available? ...anyone else obtained any recently?
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Postby Chris » 29 Jul 2007, 20:05

Er - it's the stuff that makes whitewash white Les. Whitewash is a mixture of lime, whiting and size. You used to be able to get it from any corner ironmongers but now you probably have to go to a builders' supply firm or maybe an artists' colourman.
You could probably substitute the much more expensive gesso powder. It gives modelling consistency papié maché a lovely surface, but is no good for Punch heads since it isn't resistant to banging and does reduce the strength of the paper. It also adds weight to the head.

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