Procenium curtains.

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Procenium curtains.

Postby RichardFlatter » 30 Jul 2007, 08:50

Ive been looking to use some curtains for my show and would like them to open from the middle in an opera house fasion ( if you understand what I mean ) - Any ideas of how they could pull up and attach?
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Postby Professor Eek » 30 Jul 2007, 09:55

The mechanism is the same for any curtain pull regardless of size/length of top of proscenium.

I have the 'pull' type curtains and they are brilliant - it looks like Joey is opening them.

Any curtain shop should be suitable for getting the materials required.
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Professor Eek
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Postby johnstoate » 30 Jul 2007, 10:52

I suspect Richard is referring to 'bow' curtains Eek. The type that pull away in the centre, like a bowstring being drawn back. I had a set once , but they weren't at all practical, the way they work is a double draw. There is a 'standard' string curtain track, (Like the 'style' one I've mentioned on here before) but with an extra pulley which carries the chord for the centre pull, this is a shorter one, which runs from the centre of the curtain lead edge, (The one where they meet) on each side, goes over the pulley and then joins the 'main' chords. As you pull the 'opener', this one tightens first and pulls the centre out & up, then the main one opens the curtains as usual. The result looks impressive, but is really too complex for travelling, you spend more time getting the things untangled & working than you do setting up everything else!! - My advice is K.I.S.S.- always the best method for mobile fit-ups. :)
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Postby lesclarke » 30 Jul 2007, 12:06

There is a really simple way of having opening curtains, I pinched it off Glynn Edwards who admitted to having pinched it of someone else.
The top rail is a simple piece of dowel. Easy enough to work out a way of locating it. The curtains, suitable material that drapes well, such as velvet, have curtain rings attached at top about every 4 or so inches, experiment to see how it drapes.
No mechanism, so no strings etc to get tangled. Easy enough to set up if that's wanted. I've put a thin slat down the vertical edges - at the centre of the opening, this makes it easy for the monkey to grab the edge and open one side at a time.
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Postby Peter » 12 Aug 2007, 11:50

Having just got the hang of this picture thing I thought I'd have another go.
From the back you can see how the curtains work. Pull the 2 cords and the curtains lift just as you wanted.
You can rearrange the cords so they come down together on one side and are operated as one.
Cords have rings on the ends which are slipped over appropriately placed hooks for curtains to stay open.
We also have weights in the curtains which makes them hang well and stay shut when shut.
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