a horsey idea

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a horsey idea

Postby CvdC » 04 Oct 2007, 06:11

Despite the dangers of audience over participation I am thinking of making a horse for Punch. But this will be a carousel galloper as illustrated below:

If anyone wants one of these I will quite happily make it to order.
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Postby James » 04 Oct 2007, 11:34

Very good idea Chris. My £30 reject horse from Bryan Clarke has been a great investment, open every show with it. Hadn't thought of a fairground horse though. Very Mary Poppins!
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Postby Chris » 04 Oct 2007, 13:14

A fairground horse has been done before - both as a rod puppet (ie using the pole extended below) and as a marionette (rod extended above). In fact we used six of them in the "Summer" sequence of a production called The Dancing Months which we did for the First British International Puppet Festival in 1963.
However I don't know of a carnival horse being used in a Punch show.
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Postby lesclarke » 04 Oct 2007, 16:27

A few years back when I had a spare Punch I was renovating, I took his cap, off and noticed there was a hole right through to the top of his head.

I'd been considering using a hobby-horse as a music novelty bit of biz, (possibly at the end of a show) and played about making a mechanism that would allow Punch to sit on the saddle, and rise and fall in the saddle as the horse went up and down at a slightly different rate to that of the horse.

I made a mechanism consisting of a dowel which went up the armhole and extended into his neck and was located at the top of his head. This was inside a tube, with foam grip around it. The tube was fixed to the horse and controlled its rise and fall, the dowel moving inside controlled Punch's rise and fall.

I got as far as the mechanism fitted to the Punch and the saddle, and tried it out. It worked well, and gave a nice action, but it was a large Punch figure, a large saddle, and would have needed a large horse ...and in the end is was all a bit un-necessary. It meant that the figure was permanently attached to the horse, and couldn't fall off if required.

After recently enjoyeing Clive Chandlers use of a horse, I'm tempted to have another go, but keeping it simple.
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