Scene changes

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Scene changes

Postby Professor Joe » 22 Jan 2008, 11:36

I am looking to do a scene change in my punch show... i have a few ideas but how do other people achive it?? If any one has any photos or diagrams i would really like to see them so i can gain some ispiration. Its not too easy to do that while sat in an ICT lesson, like now!
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Postby CvdC » 23 Jan 2008, 04:27

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Postby Trev » 24 Jan 2008, 21:54

I don't know how deep your stage is but could you have pull across backdrops which could just be drawn across for each new scene?
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Postby Chris » 28 Jan 2008, 17:15

Surely not in a Punch booth Trev? To draw a backcloth across requires a good deal of wing space in which to accomodate the pleated drops out of sight. It would need a very wide booth, and wing pieces.
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Postby johnstoate » 28 Jan 2008, 17:53

Yes, it sounds a bit too 'fiddly' to be practical to me too. I know the 'roller blind' idea as mooted by cvdc works, but I would suggest the use of weights on the chords that can hook onto the side bars of the rig, As you unhook the weight it drops/lifts the next backcloth, allowing a very quick changeover. With practice you can unhook them with your elbow, still keeping both hands free!!
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