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Postby Tony James » 01 Feb 2008, 11:33

It's we who should be apologising to you Paddy. We're like a dysfunctional family here. Argument is the meat and drink of this place and there's nothing we like better than a good rumpus.

There are limits of course, beyond which one consults ones lawyers!
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its all good fun.

Postby Trev » 01 Feb 2008, 12:12

Don't worry about it Paddy. Many of us have a "Punch and Judy" relationship with each other ON THE BOARD.

Would there be any chance of us getting to read the script when it's written?
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Postby lesclarke » 01 Feb 2008, 13:39

Paddy, I've read your bits again and think I've a basic idea of what you are aiming at. I think the choice of subject has a lot of potential.

I've a feeling that the quality of your research will very much make or break the project, it sounds like with your choice of subject there is little place for 'imagination' so you need to find out a lot of detail, inside knowledge, attitudes etc.

...and my view is that the only proper way to research it would be to chat in detail to a Punch man, and ideally watch him from behind as he performs the show, during an actual performance, an again watch him go through the motions of a show, whilst commenting on what he's doing, getting ready to do, watching out for, what's going through his mind etc. It is a complex thing, getting that across, that could be a show.

It has a lot of potential, you need a lot of detail to start with so you have the luxury of being able to pick and choose.
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Postby Paddy » 05 Feb 2008, 10:55

Thanks for all the help and the pm's. I have had some great advice and some brilliant tips. I wish I had the time to really investigate in detail but unfortunately time is against me. I will do my best and if I don't feel embarrassed by my efforts I would be happy to let people see the finished script. The booth and the professor are the setting for the play and the subject is more how his life is interrupted shall we say. As I said I have had some excellent pointers so if any of you think of more details that would be pertinent please let me know. Thank you all again.
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