Joe Parsonage Punch Renovation Project

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Postby johnstoate » 13 Mar 2008, 00:02

OK, Fair comment, I will supply such info' as I have OFF the board, Some people DO deserve recognition for their efforts.
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\\\\\\\\\\joe Parsonage Punch renovation project

Postby billywand » 18 Mar 2008, 03:42

Hi Martin,

I have juist recieved a collection of 4 figures, and sundry props to restore for a client, and the figures were originally from Supreme.

Restoring a figure as a display piece is so different to restoring a figure to go out and work for you , and as James and Les so rightly suggest, I am restoring the figures to suit the customers wants.

I did not know who made the Punch till James spoke of yellowdusters for ruffs. The punch I am restoring has a yellow duster ruff and apron, so could be a Joe Parsonage figure.

I am at present re painting the head, and will be using the hands, and legs, but if you are interested in seeing the costume, call me, and I will gladly send it to you
Kind regards
Billy Wand

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Postby James » 20 Mar 2008, 18:15

Glad to be of help! I look forward to seeing them when done.
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