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Postby mikey » 17 May 2008, 16:40

I have made 2 swazzles that fit my mouth perfectly and i can manage to talk through them. The only problem im having is that the swazzle starts to turn direction after a while ( making delays in quick retorts) , also my mouth seems to produce a lot of saliva after a few minutes making the swazzle water logged.
Any help or tips ?
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Postby Chris » 18 May 2008, 19:49

Actually the swazzle is meant to move about you know Mikey, and getting it into and out of position is something that only comes with practice.

But I guess one of the problems you are getting is of the swazzle swivelling from a position across the tongue to one along the tongue, or at least tending to do that. This is probably tied up with the other problem of too much saliva. The saliva makes the surface of the swazzle slippery and it can move out of position. I find this worse if I've used the same swazzle for two consequent shows, or if I have a cold.

I always carry several swazzles, in water, in a small plastic waterproof container. I have this open and within reach within the booth. This allows me to choose an appropriate moment and switch swazzles if one of them has got too slimy.

If you make too much saliva there are only two ways it can go, you must either swallow or dribble. I'm afraid most of us make quite a spray within the booth, and those who work hands in front of face leave the evidence on the backcloth and on the microphone (smokers particularly so!).

If you find one swazzle seems to refuse to hold its position more than most then inspect the winding of the tape. If this is uneven it might well be exerting a bias.

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