Re: PUNCH AND JUDY BOOTH & Puppets for sale

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Re: PUNCH AND JUDY BOOTH & Puppets for sale

Postby cornwallray » 01 Oct 2018, 16:38

Punch and Judy booth and spare frame these were made back in the 70's
My Mother in Law used to Do Punch and Judy in Cornwall during the 70's and early 80's
She did this as a paying hobby and was a very busy lady.
She has a number of Puppets most are wooden that was made by Joe Parsonage for Supreme Magic at Bideford. The ones she has are.
2 x Punch Wooden
Judy Wooden
Baby Wooden
2 x Ghost Wooden
Fairy Wooden
Witch Wooden
matador Wooden
Bull Paper mache
Father Christmas Wooden
Mr Long neck Neck extends Wooden
3 Crocodiles 2 x wood 1 paper mache
Monkey Cloth
Policeman Plastic
2x Clowns Plastic
Wizard Plastic
Props Stick, sausages, Frying Pan
£ 350 ono
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Re: PUNCH AND JUDY BOOTH & Puppets for sale

Postby Chris » 21 Oct 2018, 22:08

I notice nobody has replied to your posting. I hope that perhaps you have had some luck either by private message or by email, both of which can be done from this board. But if you haven't had any response you might have more luck by breaking the collection in smaller lots. For example someone may well be looking for a Punch frame, but not interested in the puppets, or vice versa.
Also so many of the puppets are just adapted children's plastic toys and I doubt if any Punchmen will really want those.
There are two or three proper carved puppets although some have had their value greatly reduced by someone adding plastic dolls hands to replace the carved wooden hands that would have been part of the puppets when Joe made them.
I think because of these things £450 may put a lot of people off. Conversely I think that if you split them into smaller lots you might actually be able to get more than £450.
However maybe you have already managed to sell them, and I'm quite wrong. In which case I'm delighted.
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