The devil you know

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The devil you know

Postby CvdC » 25 Aug 2009, 22:49

He who cannot be named - the original not that recent unnamable one.

I am currently making even more puppets. It is an obsession.
Here is a devil puppet. It is carved from Jelutung. Which has had the head hollowed out for extra lightness. The head is 5" long. You will notice the cape has spider webs printed inside. This is Halloween fabric I once bought and I am about to run out of. It adds to the effect. The arms of the costume have 12 oz canvas sewn into them for stiffening - which I do these days to stop the arms flapping around too much. The costume is lined to make for a comfortable glove that will slip on and off easily for rapid character exchanges during a fast paced show. Also to this end the hem of the glove has copper wire threaded in it to keep it open and a ring sewn to this so the puppet can be hung. I think all of this adds up to a puppet suitable for the professional performer. I also include a trident with every Devil with which to give Punch a few jabs in order to drive him down below.

I am a bit concerned these days that all my puppets are starting to look the same. I may as well just make a mould. So I hope my next devil will be quite different. But still this puppet should do its job quite well.
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Postby Chris » 25 Aug 2009, 23:07

Actually the original un-nameable one was God, not the devil.

Your mentioning the Halloween fabric reminded me that last year I saw some magnificent fabric with flames licking up from the hem. This year I was planning a new devil and went to buy some fabric. Alas the flames had been extinguished!
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