Puppets in the States?

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Puppets in the States?

Postby pdxpunch » 04 Apr 2010, 01:56


I have looked at the wares of many talented carvers on this forum, and whilst the mails will carry puppets everywhere, even across the pond, I wondered if there were any carvers in the States, perhaps even members of this distinguished forum?

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Re: Puppets in the States?

Postby Chris » 04 Apr 2010, 11:23

While there are very few Punch and Judy performers in America there are many thousands of puppeteers and therefore people who can make puppets. Of course for the aforementioned reason they are unlikely to specialise in Punch and Judy puppets - that is why the best carvers will be in Britain (or Germany, Austria and Czechoslovakia where there is a similar tradition with Casper/Kasperl).
But there are sure to be most excellent craftsmen in the US who could provide you with what you want. The best thing would be to contact Puppeteers of America http://www.puppeteers.org who, I am sure, could offer advice.
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