The Art of Punch & Judy by Glyn Edwards

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The Art of Punch & Judy by Glyn Edwards

Postby Mark Andrews » 09 Feb 2011, 08:35


The Art of Punch & Judy by Glyn Edwards
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A lifetime of performing the show and reflecting upon its whys and wherefores led to this new book by Glyn Edwards. The first of its kind to look at the theory as well as the practice of Punch & Judy.

This book delves into the riches of the tradition and ponders the powerful elements - from social comment to surreal nonsense - that have kept it alive and up to date down the centuries. It also includes a contemporary annotated script, guidance on how to write for Punch and Judy, the moves of various routines, discussion on the distinctive voice of Punch and strategies for tailoring each performance to suit the circumstances it is performed in.

For the merely curious it provides a peek into the inner workings of Punch & Judy. For performers its thought-provoking content will help them examine what they do and lead them to identify any opportunities there might be for improvement. All in a spirit intended to leave Mr. Punch the undisputed beneficiary.

Published in hardback with 80 pages plus colour plates £18.50 (plus P&P)
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