New biography of Frank Edmonds

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New biography of Frank Edmonds

Postby judithstinton » 13 May 2012, 16:16

THE WAY TO DO IT: Frank Edmonds Punch & Judy Man
The first-ever biography of a Punch & Judy man, The Way to Do It, explores the life of Frank Edmonds, who worked Weymouth beach for fifty years. His story is told with the colourful collaboration of his family and friends. The book describes what it was like to perform on the sands in all weathers, enduring the rain, the winds and the tight-fisted punters - as well as the golden days of glorious sunshine.
Along the coast from Weymouth, other Punch & Judy men entertained on other Dorset beaches. Every show is different, every showman (or woman) makes his own interpretation of the play. The Way to Do It discusses performers and the variety of their performances in neighbouring Swanage, Lyme Regis and West Bay.
The book also includes that rare discovery, a transcript of the Edmonds family show, which dates back to Victorian times.
With over eighty illustrations, many of them previously unpublished.

Judith Stinton is the author of twelve books and lives in Dorset.

Published by HARLEQUIN PRESS, Allshire, East Anstey, Tiverton, EX16 9JG

Available from Judith Stinton, 21 Cattistock Road, Maiden Newton,
Dorset DT2 0AG. Phone: 01300 320778. Email:
£9.95 post free inland (£5.00 elsewhere.) Cheques made payable to Harlequin Press.

Judith Stinton's previous book Weymouth & Mr. Punch tells how Mr. Punch came to Weymouth in Victorian times and has stayed there ever since. He took his place on the beach among the minstrels, pierrots and concert parties, outlasting every one of them.
The book traces the performing lives of Weymouth's Punch & Judy men from before 1880 to the present day, and tells how Punch & Pierrot travelled from Italy through France and into England. It is the first account of their origins for more than twenty years, and the only one to explore them through the entertainment history of a single resort.
The book is also a celebration of Weymouth, a unique place in the history of the seaside and of popular entertainment, and in literary life.

Available as above, at £9.95 post free inland (£5.00 elsewhere).
SPECIAL OFFER: buy both books for £15.00 plus £2.00 postage inland, or £6 elsewhere.
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Re: New biography of Frank Edmonds

Postby lesclarke » 06 Jun 2012, 18:53

Just finished the above, a great read, lots of insight into the life of a beach prof, and plenty of background of a bygone way of life in general.
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Re: New biography of Frank Edmonds

Postby edelweiss65 » 27 Jul 2012, 00:59

Great to hear this news I saw Frank Edmonds Punch & Judy in Weymouth so many times my parents claim to have paid enough to buy it!
I lived in Wyke Regis, Weymouth from aged 3 in 1968 until I was 10 in 1975. So it was easy to get to and I plagued my parents every minute to take me.
I met him many times and he was a lovely man, I guess he saw my enthusiasm for his show, which was indeed very hard for me to hide as I had a big thing for all puppets, I had alot of toy ones at home especially the Pelham puppets, I remember his 'bottler' who we children called Uncle Sid very well.
Cant wait to read the book as It will bring back I'm sure many wonderful memories, just didn't realise he had done the show in Weymouth for so long ,he was there then when my Grandmother used to go to Weymouth in the late 1920s and when my mother used to holiday there in the late 1940s and 50s and still there when I went to live there in the late 1960s wow! incredible
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