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Postby Chris » 22 May 2012, 21:23

A Timber Idol by Martin MacGilp, is an in depth study of Punch & Judy in Scotland. It is a fascinating read, and well illustrated with over a hundred pictures in black and white and colour.

The evidence of Mr Punch’s travels has been unearthed from many different sources: council and private archives, local studies libraries and special collections, museums, art galleries, newspapers, genealogy material, published memoirs, biographies and recollections of the “olden days.”

The evidence presented demonstrates Mr Punch's appropriately long history in Scotland: Appropriate to Scottish character not unlike Mr Punch who has a fundamental lack of respect and mistrust for authority and pomposity, and a dislike of anyone trying to push him into his corner.

Martin's research notes are clearly shown, with valuable lists of museums with Punch related content.

I was particularly intruigued by the pictures since they were of Punch figures very different from the usual fare. Many are are quite primitive or naive, yet nevertheless powerful. It reminded me of the fact that many fine Punchmen did not have great artistic skills, yet lacking sufficient wealth to commission a set of figures they would set about making their own with whatever skill they could muster, and whatever materials and tools came to hand.

There's much information on the Cardoni and Codona Punch families and a mini biography of Bruce Macloud, the only real rival to the great Percy Press.

The book can be ordered from and can be payed for by PayPal or by cheque. The cost is £25 plus postage and packing. As an introductory offer Martin will send it to members of this Message Board POST FREE to UK addresses.
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