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Punch Fit-ups

PostPosted: 04 Jun 2015, 22:04
by Chris
Len Belmont has two Punch Fit-ups for sale.

The first was made for him from the plans in Edwin's "Hello Mr Punch" which are very similar to George Blake's plans for the original Lazy Tongs booth. I made my own outdoor booth from the same plans - I remember having to work in my bedroom as the only place with space enough to lay out the pieces. But the point is that same booth over fifty years on is still going strong.

Len says his booth is made to these same plans. It is made in wood and metal, has new paintwork. It is of a height for performing hands-in-front-of-face. He is selling the frame only. You will need to fit your own fabric covering.

The second booth is a heavier fit up, built by Bob Wade. It is solid wood and metal, designed to dismantle without any screws. This comes complete with a painted scenic background, a draped playboard, a heavy canvas surround. The top and sides are in wood. The paintwork is newly done: red and gold scroll work and Punch & Judy lettered across the top. This too is hands-in-front height.

Len doesn't have an email address. Nor has he quoted me any prices. If you are interested you can write to him at 48 Morland Estate, Gayhurst Road, London E8 3EJ, or better still, ring him and have a chat on 020 7254 8300

It's not often you get a chance to buy decent booths second hand. Usually you pay the earth to have one made, or make one yourself. Len is retiring, now's your chance.