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ah yes

Postby Trev » 16 Sep 2007, 18:29

Ah yes, the bishop bashing does ring a bell somewhere. Thanks for reminding me, Chris.

Might I suggest that the decline of the parson might also be simply to the decline in street preachers and huge evangelical movements, which were more common in 19th and early 20th C.?

I imagine somewhere like Northern Ireland or some parts of Scotland might have prime targets with chappies like Dr Paisley and Pastor Jack Glass but it would also be a bit risky these days as well.

The Beadle, as Chris says, is in the main scripts but he is also well-known from Oliver Twist and the musical, 'Oliver'. So he's still a character the public would be aware of today, particularly as a pompous one.
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Postby CvdC » 17 Sep 2007, 10:35

I was once told that Latex only lasts for twenty years. Is this true?
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Postby johnstoate » 17 Sep 2007, 14:05

Don't know what the life is supposed to be, Chris, but my two principals are over twenty, and only just starting to harden & crack, - Still a few seasons in 'em!, - I think it rather depends on the type of latex, and the thickness. I made a set once that were too thick, which resulted in a situation where they were sort of self-repairing for a while. The inner & outer skins were set, but the middle remained fluid for a very long time, (Rather like Roman concrete) which meant that if they sustained damage, they sort of 'bled' and sealed themselves!! :lol:
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Postby James » 17 Sep 2007, 15:20

Have just been repairing some old DaSilva latex headed puppets which were made in the 70s, they are holding up surprisingly well.

Thanks for the tips re painting Chris, will invest next time am in town.
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Postby Chris » 17 Sep 2007, 15:58

Some of the very early(early 60s) latex casting compounds, very flexible ones, did have a relatively short life (perhaps only 10 years). Also some of the paints used on them would cause them to perish. I don't think acrylics were available.
I am told by people who use them that the modern latex compounds have a very long life, and I know of one company using puppets made over thirty years ago.
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