Punch and Judy puppet set for sale!

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Punch and Judy puppet set for sale!

Postby Jon » 12 Jan 2008, 18:25

Lightweight, solastic Punch, Judy, Clown, Ghost, Doctor, Polliceman and Crocodile, made by Ted Corden.

See the photos on ebay.

Look under either "Proffesional Punch and Judy set" (wrong spelling!) or "Professional Punch and Judy set".

I'm keen to share ideas with other s who use puppets in education.
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Postby Chris » 13 Jan 2008, 00:17

By solastic I assume Jon means Celastic or Samcoforma Material. This is no longer available I understand - but it was material rather like sheets of thick reinforced blotting paper. It was activated by soaking in acetone when it became limp and flexible like wet cloth. It could be draped over a form, or used in layers of small pieces in a mold. It dried to form a very strong, hard shell and was light in weight. It was used a lot in puppet making and prop making, particularly in America. It produced strong and durable puppets.

Its main use was in the shoe making industry and I used to get my supplies from Samco - a firm in Leicester which is still the capital of British shoe making.
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