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Puppets for Sale

Postby CvdC » 04 Mar 2008, 00:38


I am currently offering this splendid set of puppets for sale. These are excellent high quality puppets for the professional performer or discerning collector.
Allow me to extol their virtues. Each puppet head, hands, and legs, have been carved from the finest jelutong. The costumes have been made from quality fabrics with considerable attention given to detail. Each costume has copper wire threaded through the hem to allow easy ingress of the hand during performance. A genuine brass ring is attached to each puppet totally free of charge.
The Punch has practical legs and boots of red leather.
The Crocodile is able to swallow either a stick or sausages, both of which have been included in this set. Also in an act of total generosity I am throwing in a devil's fork.

The baby has legs which can be held with the fingers for walking or act as a visual gag when it is held upside down. (Or right way up if you are in Australia, as Chris would undoubtedly quip.)

The clown is a faithful representation of Joseph Grimaldi and the constable represents the constabulary's finest. His helmet made of sewn leather for durability during his frequent attempts to arrest the eponymous Mr Punch.

The price. Well if you need to ask you most likely cannot afford them, but in this instance I am asking £830 including postage to the UK.

Otherwise it is on to ebay they go where they will no doubt be exposed to the riff raff you find on that scurrilous web site.
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