A Mr Punch made from recycled materials

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A Mr Punch made from recycled materials

Postby otis60 » 21 May 2011, 13:38

I made this Mr Punch as a Christmas present, last year, for friends who have a couple of young grandchildren. Although I do a little painting I have not attempted anything like this before so I found this forum as part of my research before starting the project.



I started by making the head from a plastic aerosol lid inside which I put a 35mm film cannister which created the hole for the finger. I strengthened the structure with small strips of plywood and contact adhesive wedged between the two and into which I could secure pegs on which I could anchor nose chin and ears as they were built up. The neck is the cap of a toothpaste tube with top cut out and strengthened with metal epoxy. The features are built up with layers of card and metal epoxy. I added to the form by painting with mixtures of paint, pva glue and gesso and then finished with acrylic varnish.The hair is made from silk tops. The hands I created from ice cream/ ice lolly sticks that I layered, laminated and then carved. The hinged legs and feet are made from scrap wood and covered in material such as silk from old ties and handkerchiefs.

Now I have to give credit to my wife who did a wonderful job on all the needlework for the glove and clothing. Rather than the traditional look of a show puppet we wanted to try to reflect something of the fashion of 350 years ago when Mr Punch arrived here The glove and coat came from a pair of trousers we saw in a Charity shop and thought were just right for purpose. The hump which can't be seen in the pictures is in the striped material with minute round brass jingle bells spaced vertically along the seam.

The legs can be controlled and animated with rings which you will see at the bottom of the glove. I liked the idea of giving Punch legs which work like a marionette ( as Punchinello started that way) albeit the control is from strings below and not from above. The puppet in finished size is just over 13 inches from soles of feet to the top oh his head.

I finished by making a box, slapstick and string of sausages to complete the present. Thank you for all the inspiration I gained by reading forums and sites like this. I am not a professional as many of the contributors here are but I would welcome your comments/critique.

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Re: A Mr Punch made from recycled materials

Postby Miraiker » 22 May 2011, 15:40

Hello Derek
I hope your friends were delighted.
What a wonderful gift to receive. There is great attention to detail right down to the box.
Well done.
Who'd want a proper job?
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Re: A Mr Punch made from recycled materials

Postby Richard Coombs » 22 May 2011, 16:04

Hello Derek ... I agree with Miraiker your friends are very lucky , what a lovely display piece .
Congratulations to you and your Wife for your meticulous handiwork.

Well Done
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Richard Coombs
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