Thank You Richard Coombs - The Swazzle

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Thank You Richard Coombs - The Swazzle

Postby Giraldus » 14 Sep 2011, 00:17

I have been interested in Punch for a long time, but just felt that without the swazzle - I could not do him justice. So, having made a couple of puppets already, I felt I'd better face this gagging, choking, scary device - or just stop and only admire the Tradition.
So I read your story and advice. I bought a swazzle. I put it in my mouth for two days, gagging, slobbering until it felt ok. BUT, Richard, no sound. Just wheezing and puffing. So I read your advice again - and I took apart my swazzle. My purchased swazzle had one side flatter than the other as one band was shorter than the other by a couple of hairs. I trimmed it to match the other and bowed both bands equally and retaped and resewed.
I put the thing in my mouth - and there it was! Now, it does works best from one side, and one side up. But it works. In a day, I could enunciate "Prettie, Prettie, Prettie!'... I could make sounds of excitement and laughter. So with your help, I could do that in four days. I still can't enunciate: 'That's the way to do it!'.. so I have, as I should, work to do. But I am making two more swazzles - I will have a backup if not a better one.
Your help gave my Punch life. I promise I will take my walks swazzling for a good while before I take the old scoundrel out.
THANK YOU. You saved me from much frustration -Giraldus
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Re: Thank You Richard Coombs - The Swazzle

Postby Chris » 14 Sep 2011, 23:09

Actually the e-book on the swazzle is by me, not Richard. I do, however, quote Richard with his very interesting story of making a batch of swazzles in a varying sizes in an attempt to fit an odd shaped mouth. It's funny, whenever anyone has difficulty they always either blame their particular swazzle which is the wrong size, shape, material or colour, or their quite unusual mouth which has internal architecture unlike anyone else.

Anyway glad you are now squawking merrily.
It's good to squawk!
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Re: Thank You CHRIS ;-)- The Swazzle

Postby Giraldus » 16 Sep 2011, 12:23

Please forgive my error - that e-info - helped me so much Chris. I am very grateful.
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