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Postby Chris » 06 Dec 2011, 18:16

One benefit of being a member of The British Puppet and Model Theatre Guild (the world's oldest puppetry organisation) is their quite splendid journal "The Puppet Master". It still prints photographs in black and white to tremendous effect and is quite the most classy example of typesetting and layout you could wish for, through the genius of editor Brian Hibbitt.

The Autumn edition, just out, features two items of Punch interest. One is a fascinating article on famous Punch maker Bob Wade, retired but still very much with us. In fact he has just rejoined the Guild. The article is written by Miraiker Battey who occasionally writes diplomatically on this message board.

The other piece of interest is an interview by Darryl Worbey with Robert Styles, Punchman son of John Styles.

For those with a wider interest than Punch there are articles on Warhorse, Petrushka, a model theatre Treasure Island, Puppets from Thailand, Puppet Making with Liquid Neoprene, Peter and the Wolf, Adventures of Orlando, news of an exciting film about Frank Mumford, and an article by Michael Dixon about The Puppet Company - the people who make all those commercial animal puppets beloved of schoolteachers and children's magicians. There's lots more too, quite a bumper issue.
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