Observations of a Novice

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Observations of a Novice

Postby BookEmDanno » 02 Aug 2012, 20:04

I am a would be prof, yet to do my first show. However, in getting things set up, I have learned the following.

The plastic swazzle is great. I heat the cut up card and curve it over a cream marmalade jar using the standard 1" x 5/8" size. The jar has a printed box on it, which can be used for aligning the card. Consequently, I end up with two pieces with the same curve. I wind the tape before chamfering the corners of the card as it's too easy to cut off too much and affect the tape.

Prima Awnings block stripe is good. Sewing on a domestic machine is fine. I used Coats Nylbond and Coats Aptan thread with a size 100 denim needle.

I used heavy duty press studs, or snap fasteners, to attach the awning fabric to the frame. Ebay is a reasonable resource. I chose the ones used for joining fabric, but screwed the male part to the frame using size 6 screws. These are probably not as heavy duty as the ones used on boats or soft tops for cars, but they seem all right. The choice turned out to be convenient becasue it left me with a number of back plates for the male part. I was able to drill out the shank on one and use another, with the now flat plate with a hole, to join two bits of awning material where it was too awkward to sew.

Ribbon Moon was a good internet site for braid and fringe for the curtains and playboard hanging.

I've invested in a Pulse 50 watt RMS output conference pa. It's wireless with a built in rechargeable battery, which lasts up to four hours and comes with a belt pack and three microphones. The battery should be good for a fair time broadcasting speech. Inta Audio were very helpful and have great customer support. It wasn't cheap, but mounts on a QTX pole and takes MP3 input. You cannot, of course, control it from within the booth, but the elegance seems to lie in a single unit, an integrated battery and an absence of wires.

Glyn Edwards's books are great and everyone I've spokent to in the P&J world has been very helpful and pleasant.

I felt a bit dejected when I read that Miraiker saw a video of her show and felt the need to get back rehearsing. I saw Miraiker's, Geoff Felix's and David Wilde's shows at Nuneaton and they were all splendid.

I hope I shall be able to do Mr Punch justice. I guess the trick is not to become self satisfied.
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Re: Observations of a Novice

Postby Miraiker » 03 Aug 2012, 20:32

I am sorry to have made you feel dejected. I wish you had come and introduced yourself at Nuneaton. We all love to talk Punch with a fellow enthusiast.
Thank you for your kind comments about the shows you saw.
I think the point is that no matter how many shows you do there is always something you can do to improve it. Complacency is the enemy of a good show. When you feel it's just right then it's time to watch a video of it and you will always see something that could be better. And don't forget that Punch is an evolving thing and needs to remain topical so standing still is never an option.

Good luck with your first show.
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Re: Observations of a Novice

Postby johnstoate » 11 Aug 2012, 01:18

I totally agree with Miraiker, - You should have gone over, -You missed a treat- the whole family are 'Battey' - but very nice people when you get to know them, and very helpfull. - the point is, that the best thing to do to improve your show is to video it from the audience perspective, you'll be amazed at the things you spot that can be improved or altered when you see what your audience see, Once you start to get complacent, you're 'Flobbin' the dolls, showing your arms, losing the 'eye' contact....the list is endless, and the more your show becomes known, the more the punters expect!...C'est la vie! (Ou, La guerre!)
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